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Petal Pay could be Huawei’s upcoming payment system

Just recently, it was revealed that Huawei had applied for a “Petal Pay” trademark. It has now acquired publication rights from authorities with application number 55003481. This follows several other Petal trademarks that the mobile tech manufacturer has filed in the past few months.

Without a doubt, the company is serious about building an all-round mobile ecosystem. The naming of Petal Pay points at the entry into the payment system market. However, it seems Huawei currently has no plans to enter the market yet.

This is as the company looks to help big companies to empower financial customers to achieve digital transformation. We can only watch on to see how far this goes.

Other reports indicate that Petal could be a virtual currency in the making. And, 10,000 petals could be worth about $15. We shall confirm this with time.

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Petal Pay: Part of the Huawei Petal Family

Of late, Huawei Mobile Services has launched Google-like alternative apps overseas with the Petal name. These include Petal search and Petal Maps. It is not a doubt that Huawei will continue to expand the Petal family with the registration of more Petal patents including:

If completed, this could be a big collection of apps for the Huawei devices that would help the company to reduce the requirement of the Google apps and other third-party apps for the consumers.

Petal Pay could be Huawei’s upcoming payment system
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