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Petal Translate: Huawei’s alternative to Google Translate

Gone are the days when text editors were the only option for the translation process to be done. The availability of a wide range of technologies for translators is making the job easier to conduct. In the past week, Huawei registered for a new trademark for its translation services named Petal Translate.

As per the trademark application, the company is working on a technology in the field of content translation. This will involve the translation of any text, document, and more from one language to another to make the reader’s life easier.

For the past few years, Google Translate has dominated the field of text and content translation and provides the translation in over 100 languages along with a different set of features. With the filing of the trademark, we can eagerly wait to see what Huawei Petal Translate has to offer that’s different or similar.

With Huawei’s logo visibly made of petals, the new trademark’s name of Petal translation could be from this. It’s observed that there are other new Huawei smartphone technologies similarly named such as Petal Search, Petal Maps, Petal Mail, and more. Interestingly, all these are replacing something to do with Google.

Following this trademark, it is speculated that Huawei is planning and making efforts to launch its own services in the field of translation technology and to replace the requirement of apps such as Google Translate in its smartphones as well as other devices.


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Petal Translate: Huawei’s alternative to Google Translate
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