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Telegram now offers a direct download option for Android

If you have used Telegram before, that is on Android, you must have gotten it from your Play Store – if at all you are not the kind into APKs. Well. the messaging platform is now shifting goalposts. You can now get a version of the app by directly downloading it from the website. With that, you’ll forego the Google Play Store and download Telegram as an APK on your Android phone.

Is it any better? You may ask! Yes, Telegram says this particular version of the app has “fewer restrictions” than the one offered on the Google Play store. You also get to receive “automatic updates” to your app as soon as they are released. How about that?

Apparently, some Reddit users believe that Google blocks access to certain channels on Telegram that it thinks you shouldn’t access. A user even posted some screenshots of channels that have been blocked on Telegram.

How to install Telegram APK directly from the website

To install Telegram directly from the website:
  • Visit the Telegram website
  • Select Telegram for Android
  • Tap on the Download Telegram button
  • The APK will start downloading.
When you download APKs from external sources, like websites or other apps, you should enable relevant permission on your device in order to install it. For most devices, you have to allow the install from the settings. Good enough, you can find out the path for your device here.

Telegram now offers a direct download option for Android
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