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Huawei Petal Mail is now in beta testing

Just over a year back, Huawei filed the trademark for the Petal Mail, which could be a substitute for Google Mail (which we also know as Gmail). According to the trademark information, Huawei Petal Mailbox is an e-mail service for individual consumers.  Of course, we expect it to offer features similar to Gmail with enhancements, including a more attractive interface for users.

As of recently, Huawei has started testing the Petal Mail service, which allows interested users to experience services ahead of the official release. Below is a screenshot of the application.

Users who want to be a part of this web testing can log in to the Petal Mail portal through their PC/laptop. The top three feedbacks in the public test will be rewarded with 100 yuan. However, the testing is currently limited to Chinese consumers and the company launch these services in the global market.

The Petal Mail address extension is followed by After account registration and verifying details such as mobile number, users can enter the web page version of Petal Mail and experience the e-mail services.

As per the details, the logo of this mail service portrays an envelope. Once logged in, the user interfaces include the following options the Petal Mail:

  1. Inbox
  2. Starred
  3. Draft
  4. Sent
  5. Trash
  6. Spam

On the other hand, Huawei also applied for  Petal Search and Petal Maps. However, these apps are already available for commercial use and provide instant searches and mapping services for their users respectively.

Also, the introduction of the Petal Map would allow the company to build and connect its core ‘Petal’ related services into one sequence. Also, provide different mobile services with one account. However, we’ll wait for more information on this matter.


Huawei Petal Mail is now in beta testing
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