How to send and receive money across East Africa using Tigo Pesa

tigo mobile money across east africa

The introduction of mobile money has not only made it easy to send and receive money, but also created community integration. Various telecom subscribers across East Africa can now easily transfer to each other funds. The latest innovation is from Tanzania’s Tigo.

The company is partnering with other providers in the region to allow all Tigo Pesa customers to send and receive money on their mobile wallets from M-PESA in Kenya, MTN in Uganda, as well as MTN and Airtel in Rwanda. Without a doubt, this move that shall see an increase in transactions for cross-border remittance users.

This partnership between Safaricom, MTN, Airtel and Tigo Tanzania will enable the telcos meet the growing demand for cross border transactions within East Africa.

How to send money across East Africa using Tigo Pesa

To send money to the different services, Tigo Pesa customers can dial *150*01# on their mobile phones. They then select Send money, go to Send out of the country, and then select either Kenya, Uganda or Rwanda.

How to send money from other providers to Tigo Pesa

Kenya: To send money to Tigo Tanzania, M-PESA customers can dial *840# on their mobile phones or through mySafaricom App by selecting the “M-PESA Global” option under “M-PESA” then selecting “Send”.

Uganda: MTN Uganda users can dial *165# to open the mobile money menu, then select 1 to send money. Selecting 2 – East Africa will lead them to a menu that has Tanzania, from which Tigo Tanzania is available.

Rwanda: To send Money to Tigo Tanzania, an Airtel Rwanda customer dials *500*1*3# and follows the prompts.

Recently, Airtel Uganda also introduced a similar package for its customers. This is to enable them to conveniently send funds across borders to friends and family abroad, as well as receive money from wherever in the world into their Airtel Money accounts.

Airtel money customers can send money directly to friends, family and beneficiaries in Tanzania, Malawi, and later on Rwanda, Kenya and the U.A.E. Also, one can receive money directly from Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, South Africa, Somalia, UK, USA, U.A.E, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia.

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