Telegram now has 400 million monthly users

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Telegram now boasts of 400,000,000 monthly users, an increase from the 300 million registered last year. According to the app’s blog post on the feat, at least 1.5 million new users sign up for Telegram every day. The app, which started in 2013, reached the 100 million monthly users mark in 2016 and 200 million in late 2017.

Upon reaching the milestone, and with majority of users under lockdown, the app is adding new and interesting features.

Upgraded quizzes

Users will be able to have upgraded quizzes with educational features. There is now the ability to add explanations that appear as users respond to quiz questions, helping them learn from their mistakes, or giving them more context.

Additionally, when you create a quiz via @QuizBot, you can set a timer for questions. This is to add a competitive element especially for exam preparation in student group chats. The app now has a countdown animation for everyone to see how much time they have left.

New sticker directory

Here you can browse and search the over 20,000 high-quality free Telegram stickers created in the last half decade. The app allows you to search for any that you wish to find, as well as to browse through the various sticker packs. Read about the new WhatsApp ‘Together at Home’ sticker pack here.

New Attachment Menu on Android

Android users can now access all sections of the attachment menu expandable layers. Telegram says this makes “the menu sleek, chic, and easier to use”. Also to this, the app has also added in some new and ‘cute’ animated icons.

macOS Improvements

Users of Telegram for macOS can now access Shared Media straight from the redesigned profile pages. Also, users who are fond of piling lots of folders may find the new folder sidebar appealing with icons in the style of Telegram Desktop.

€400,000 for creators of educational tests

Telegram is also putting up a crowd-sourcing initiative in which the app will distribute €400,000 among creators of educational tests. To take part, use @QuizBot to create and publish an original educational test on any subject at any difficulty level, in any language.

The submitted quizzes will be published in a searchable directory. Based on their quality and popularity, Telegram will then announce the winners in several stages. Submissions for the first stage end on May 15.

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