How to send and receive money from abroad with Airtel Money

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Airtel Uganda has added international transfer services on its Airtel Money platform. This is to ease the remittance of money by its customers at home and across the globe.

With the new service, Airtel Money customers will be able to conveniently send funds across borders to friends and family abroad, as well as receive money from wherever in the world into their Airtel Money accounts.

How to send money abroad using Airtel Money

Airtel money customers can send money directly to friends, family and beneficiaries in Tanzania, Malawi, and later on Rwanda, Kenya and the U.A.E. When sending to any of these countries, you will be charged against a tiered tariff at Airtel Uganda rates ranging between UGX 900 and UGX 58,000.

To send money abroad:

  • Dial *185# and select 1 (Send Money)
  • Select 4 (International Transfer)
  • Choose the country to send to
  • Enter the amount to send
  • Choose the reason for sending
  • Confirm with your PIN

The recipient will receive the amount in their local currency instantly.

How to receive money from abroad using Airtel Money

An Airtel Money customer in Uganda can receive money directly from Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, South Africa, Somalia, UK, USA, U.A.E, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. On

When receiving money from abroad, Airtel Uganda will not charge or tax you regardless of where the money is coming from. Charges only apply when you are withdrawing this amount – using Airtel Money withdraw rates.

To receive money from abroad using Airtel Money:

  • The sender visits an agent, uses the Airtel website, or the Airtel app
  • The sender then chooses mobile transfer option
  • Provides the receiver’s Airtel Money number
  • Provides the amount to send
  • Amount to be received is then displayed in Ugandan shillings
  • The sender confirms transfer with PIN
  • You will then receive this money instantly.

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