5 Reasons to upgrade to the Tecno Camon 17 (Pro)

tecno camon 17 pro specifications

Have you been looking for a smartphone to buy to do it all? Or are you looking to replace an older model that you no longer find good enough for your daily needs? The Tecno Camon 17 is the right choice. There are numerous reasons to upgrade your smartphone status to the Camon 17, here are just five of them!

Tecno Camon 17: Perfect for Photography

Tecno Camon smartphones have always been about the camera. And the Camon 17 is not any different! The device comes with a quad-camera setup at the back and a cool single sensor on the front. From experience, it does not disappoint at all.

The clearest Selfie Camera

The 48 MP selfie camera on the Tecno Camon 17 Pro captures every detail with a professional finish. It has, in it, AI technology that can elevate your look. This is through accurate algorithms which sharpen your features based on your gender. It also can adjust the environment light to make you the point of focus.

camon 17 front camera

For Picture-perfect photography

Yes, there is The Super Night Mode that adds clarity to your photos even when they are taken in the dark. In particular, the 1.6 μm camera lets in more light and optimizes details against a low-light background. Even here, AI technology has also been brought in to make you and your skin look absolutely stunning. There is also a Night Video mode that shines a spotlight on you. It lifts you out of the dark environment and makes your skin glow.

While taking shots, you can remove the clutter and noises from the background and make the object stand out from the crowd. There’s also a black and white filter with which you can blur out the background in a way that looks natural and sophisticated by removing the distractions and highlighting the subject.

tecno camon 17 pro cameras

If you are the kind that shoots beautiful sceneries and nature, Switch on Magic Pixel and your camera resolution will immediately rise to 108MP without missing a single thing. With this mode, you can capture even the tiniest details of the photos you take.

A powerhouse

One improvement that we see in the Tecno Camon series as they come in is the performance. The handset is now in competition with a PC and the likelihood of the smartphone outcompeting is predictable.

The Ultimate in Performance

Animations are smoother, games are more immersive and networking is faster. The Tecno Camon 17 Pro, in this case, comes with an 8 core CPU with HyperEngine game optimization. This is the company’s fastest chip yet giving you exceptional performance. There are some interesting features added within – intelligent scheduling and balancing as well as reallocation of resources.

The intelligent scheduling and balancing allow for the reallocation of resources to ensure maximum power efficiency so your battery will last longer. Network optimization has a prediction engine that allows for WIFI/LTE concurrency so your connection remains uninterrupted while gaming.

You need not worry about any animation rolling issues on your phone, the 90 Hz super-high refreshing rate offers you a smooth, snappy, and refreshing experience. Also, the 5000mAh battery ensures your phone won’t die when you need it. This comes with 25W Flash charging.

tecno camon 17 pro specifications

All the memory you need

256GB ROM + 8GB RAM is just enough space for everything you need. This is arguably enough space to store photos and apps. You should never be distressed about a lack of storage. Additionally, the 8GB RAM allows for seamless multitasking and smooth video playback. This gives you an uninterrupted and an effortlessly smooth experience.

Beautiful design

We’ve already told you the Camon 17 is a beauty, and we shall stress it more. When you flip it over, you will see rays of light all converging at the rear camera. It comes with a glossy finish that gives a delicate depth to the camera module while making it look professional. Tecno, in effect, reduces the camera bump turning it into a sleeker piece.

tecno camon 17 pro specifications

The body is slimmer giving you the nicest ease to hold. The TECNO logo that’s aligned with the camera on the left side goes without notice. A perfect icon!

Tecno Camon 17 Price

The standard Tecno Camon 17 is priced at UGX 665,000; the Camon 17 P costs UGX 849,000 while the Camon 17 Pro goes for UGX 1,090,000. All three are available at all Tecno Mobile branded outlets and MTN Uganda shops. You can as well buy the phone off Jumia.

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