Here is the Huawei Electronic Card based on Huawei Pay

huawei card

You can always expect a Chinese manufacturer to craft something in line with what Apple has done. Like when Xiaomi did the Memoji, Huawei – too – has the Huawei Card.

The Huawei Electronic Card, as it is officially known to be, is based on Huawei Pay and promises strong security features. With it, you should be able to pay for goods and services with just a single tap.

The new product was unveiled by the Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO, Richard Yu, during the company’s Chinese P40 launch event. And as much as the new card details are still sketchy, it is not a surprise that there is so little difference from the Apple Card and its best features.

Just as you may guess, the card is both physical and virtual. Also, Huawei smartphones shall ably store any data in the same secure bracket that handles mobile payments.

For all the reasons to sign up, Huawei is making it a point that customers embrace it. You won’t have to pay the first-year annual fee. Additionally, if you spend a certain amount through Huawei Pay, the second-year fee will also be waived.

If you are a frequent traveller, you should be happy to know that the card also comes with travel benefits. Once you spend a certain amount of money, you can exclusively get lounge access at train stations and airports. Huawei also plans to offer special in-app promotions, and people who pay for purchases using Huawei Pay will be eligible for cashback rebates.

The Huawei card release date is not clear yet. This implies that we shall have to wait before it’s available.

New Huawei applications announced

Besides the Huawei card, the company unveiled several other applications at the event. These include:

Huawei Shares, a file-sharing application where multiple mobile phones can connect and send or receive files; and Huawei Connects, where you can experience high-definition video calls, wireless sound transmission with the mobile phones acting as microphones, multitasking with smart split-screen, a multi-device control center to act as a smart home control app.

Also launched is HICar, an interface between the car host and mobile phone which enables multimedia control. Mobile phones can also act as car keys. It also has an artificial intelligence feature to assess the driver’s fatigue levels and recommend driver safety accordingly.

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