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What is a Spotify Group Session and how do you start one?

Staying home is now fun, you don’t have to miss the club, being around your workmates, or hanging out with friends. Like all the other apps and service providers making consumption much easier in this lockdown time, Spotify has also launched a new feature called Group Session.

With the Spotify Group Session feature, you can listen to music with your buddies, while everyone has control on what’s being played. This implies that it is not only one individual controlling all of the songs being played, lest boredom may creep in.

How to Start a Spotify Group Session

To start a Spotify Group Session, you just have to simply share your unique Spotify code. How? Open Spotify and play a song. Then, tap the Devices Available icon in the bottom-left. Look for your code under “Start a Group Session”.

To scan someone else’s Spotify code: Open Spotify and tap the Search button. Tap the Camera icon in the top-right, and point your phone at a Spotify code.

Once you have scanned someone’s code or someone else has scanned your code, you’ll be connected together in a Group Session. Upon joining in the session, all members can freely play, pause, and skip tracks, and add more tracks to the joint play queue.

Is the feature available for all?

If you were running about thinking it is for all, the answer is no. The feature is only available to Spotify Premium users, but that includes Family and Student users. If you can’t start a Session, try updating your Spotify app.

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What is a Spotify Group Session and how do you start one?
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