How to set a PIN to keep your Netflix profiles locked down

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Netflix is the perfect entertainment you can have as you stay home. But once in a while, especially due to certain factors, you could want your account to yourself and no one else. You could want your kids to watch their action them without going beyond the kids section. Or you might have a friend that keeps asking for your details and makes it hard for you to keep tabs on your watchlist.

Netflix is now letting users set a PIN to keep individual profiles locked down. The new feature comes as part of a wider update with a focus on improved parental controls.

netflix profile lockdown

Basically, you can filter titles based on their maturity rating in your country. So, in the even that you want someone to have access to more than just the kids section while still blocking off anything beyond, you can set the controls to PG-13.

You can as well disabling auto-play on a kid profile. There’s also the ability to block specific titles by name. If you wish to do away with a certain movie, you can add it to the list for a while.

How to set a PIN to keep your Netflix profiles locked down

Visit Netflix in a browser and ensure that you’re toggled into a non-kid profile. Tap the drop-down arrow in the upper right, select “Account,” then look for the “Profile & Parental Controls” section. You will find the settings in there, with individual settings for each profile on your account.

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