How to use the Skype ‘Meet Now’ feature

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In a time when remote working and telecommuting is the way to go, video conferencing apps and technology is becoming popular. The coronavirus pandemic is making it difficult to make it to the mandatory boardroom meetings, and it is now a must to work from wherever you can.

To the effect, Microsoft has decided to add new features to its video calling service, Skype. You can now join cross-platform video conferences without the need for an account, or without even having to download any software. The company has also revamped the interface to let you start calls with just a single click.

In such a time, you would surely wish to try out this feature for yourself. Here is a brief guide to how you can use the Skype meet now feature.

How to use the new Skype feature

Like you would expect, Microsoft has made it as easy as possible for one to get on to the feature. It should happen in minutes. To use the Skype meet now feature, go to the new Skype landing page and click on the big Create a free meeting button.

skype meet now feature

Share the link generated to the people you want to conference call with, then hit Start call

From there on, you can go on to enjoy unlimited free meetings without having to create an account. There are no restrictions to this tool in any way, with the full feature set of Skype available to anyone. The meeting link won’t expire either, so it can be reused at any time.

If you have the Skype app installed, you can generate your meeting links by looking for the Meet Now option, which shows up in the left menu next to New Chat.

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