3 steps to minimize data consumption on YouTube

minimize data consumption on YouTube

While the internet is becoming cheaper, many people in developing countries still can’t afford it. But there’s an increasing need to access YouTube; after all, it’s a center for all things video. Regardless of where you are located or how expensive your data plan is, you can still enjoy your YouTube access while saving some money through the following ways;

Reduce video quality

YouTube allows you to select a video quality in which to view your videos. A user on an expensive data plan should always select a lower video quality since the higher the quality the more the data consumed.

Save files for offline

While streaming videos online through the YouTube app, a user can always choose to download the video and save it for offline viewing. This allows the user access to the video anytime. However, offline videos always need to be updated every after 2 days and your phone needs to have an active internet connection for this to happen. The good news is that updating doesn’t consume your data or internet bundle.

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Download YouTube Go

The first and final most effective way to minimize data usage while accessing YouTube is by using YouTube Go. Earlier this year, YouTube released the YouTube Go app internationally to users everywhere. The app is a redesigned version of the regular YouTube app specifically made for places with poor connectivity and/or expensive data plans. The app gives users the ability to stream and download videos in higher quality.

Before streaming videos on YouTube Go, a user is given an option of downloading the video and watching it offline. The download link is easily accessible at the bottom, just below the video title.

A user can as well click on the options menu (three dots in a line) and click to view video information. Here you can see numerous video formats that particular video comes in. A user can choose either the basic quality (the smallest in size), the standard quality or the high quality (which is the biggest in size). This feature allows a user to be aware of how much of their data will be used after the video is either downloaded or streamed.

Even when you choose to stream the video, YouTube Go will always prompt you to choose a video format from the available versions.

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The app also comes with additional features like the ability to share multiple videos at once to another device and a new personalized stream of recommended content.


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