How to download YouTube videos with ease

Dowloading YouTube videos

YouTube is one of the largest sources of videos today. Streaming videos on YouTube can be costly especially for an individual on a data plan with limited data. The alternative is to download YouTube videos so you can have access to them anywhere at any time.

It’s surprisingly easy to download YouTube videos. You can use third-party apps to download videos from YouTube or use its own apps. Using third-party apps to download is against YouTube’s terms of service which only permits you to stream videos directly from its servers. Aside from this, downloading the videos will allow you to avoid YouTube advertisements which are a source of revenue to YouTube.

Download YouTube videos through an app

Through, search for “YouTube downloader” and download a free version for your computer. This downloader can be obtained from this link. Copy and paste the link in your browser address and click to open the link. This will automatically download the setup file which you can open to have the app installed.

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YouTube downloader


After the app is installed open it and visit on your browser. While on the site look for a video you wish to stream and while it starts to play, copy the link of the page from the address bar. Visit the YouTube downloader app and paste the video address in the space provided. Specify the format of the video you wish to download and click download. The app usually detects the address even before you paste it.

Downloading through a website

For those who don’t wish to download an app first, an option is available for you to download through a website. Simply visit; copy and paste the video address from YouTube in the address bar provided on the website. This will automatically detect the video you wish to download and allow you to choose the specific video format you desire. A download link is provided with should give you the video on your device.


Downloading videos on your phone

Through the phone, the same website can be used. However, there are numerous mobile apps that can give you access to YouTube videos. One of these is “SnapTube” which can be downloaded for free. Once the app opens, visit through the app and choose a video you wish to download.

As the video loads, a floating download button will display on your screen which requests you if you wish to have the video downloaded. Specify the video format you desire and it should start downloading. The beauty of SnapTube is that it gives you an option to download only the audio of the video which is converted to an mp3 file format.


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