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Liquid Telecom: Setting Uganda free from the GB Bundle Economy

Having an Internet connection has strategically become one of the basic needs in our daily lives. It not only assists in ensuring productivity from wherever one is but is also proving to be the invisible bridge between communities and societies.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in March, there has been a significant change in the internet consumption in Uganda. When the country entered a partial shutdown, various entities undertook decisions regarding internet usage – with a fall in demand for enterprise and dedicated connections coupled with a sharp rise in demand for home internet solutions.

It is obvious that the limitation on office access and transport resulted in adaption to working from home and telecommuting, thus the increase in demand for home internet. In reference to the office experience, subscribers needed something much more valuable than just GBs. An internet connection with a higher download to upload ratio for a limitless entertainment schedule was the basic requirement to achieving this.

For a while now, Liquid Telecom has been offering home solutions via Fibre in Uganda, known as FTTH, in organized residential estates and via wireless on microwave technology. Like the competition, the lockdown period saw them launch a free installation and reduced-price promotions – customers could get up to 10mbps speeds for just UGX 119,000. Lucrative, right?

Like you would imagine, there was exponential demand for the service, and it ended up almost overwhelming the Liquid Telecom team. Was this a good problem to have? Maybe Not. From complaints of delayed installation to slow connectivity resulting from high traffic and heavy usage, it became a little frustrating to the customer.

Like any agile organization, Liquid Telecom quickly took learnings from the experience. The entry level offer was recalled, and replaced with a more premium experience, coupled with an installation fee of UGX 120,000 to check the huge demand. In addition to offloading the many pending (delayed) installations, the company contracted additional firms to carry out installations on their behalf. And this paid off!

When compared with the competition, Liquid Telecom’s home unlimited (but capped) internet offer is the best on the market today. Besides being unlimited and coming in both fibre and wireless packages, the Liquid home solution does set favourable prices in line with the country’s disposable incomes.

You can choose from either the Bronze package – priced at UGX 169,000 with speeds of up to 20mbps; the Silver package – priced at UGX 269,000 with speeds of up to 40mbps; or the Gold package – priced at UGX 469,000 with speeds of up to 100mbps.

Another interesting development is that the creation of new cities will extend wireless home internet to the other cities around Uganda including Arua, Lira, Gulu, Soroti, Mbale, Jinja, Masaka, Fort Portal, Mbarara and Kabale.

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Liquid Telecom: Setting Uganda free from the GB Bundle Economy
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