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2Gule: The ultimate place to shop online and ship to Uganda

Have you tried to shop online from sites abroad such as AmazonFashion Nova, or even eBay for your favourite products but decided against it because the sites don’t ship to Uganda? Well, this is a common tale among Ugandans who have never been fans of importing goods because of the various red tape associated with it. Well, 2Gule is here to sort this out for you!  

Basically, the 2Gule experience helps you buy all that you want, when you want it, at the best price, and have it delivered straight to you. You don’t have to give up, and worst of all settle for counterfeit products on the market because you can’t get what you want from the USA/ UK or Canada. The site gets you around shipping restrictions once and accords you with the quality products you need.

And you do not need to register for anything to use 2Gule, no! You just need to browse whatever you want from your favourite brands around the world, and easily take advantage of the sales and promotions that come with it.

How does 2Gule work?

It is simple and task free! All you have to do is go online and look out for the products you want from the USA/ UK & Canada. Then visit the 2Gule website or social media channels (@2guleofficial) and send in the link to your product, or just a simple description of the items you want to buy.

Afterwards, the 2Gule team will send you a quotation with the total cost including; Cost of product, shipping costs and taxes on arrival. Interestingly, you only have to pay just 60% of the total price for the item to be bought and shipped, after which you pay for the taxes on arrival. Did we mention that all this is done in under 14 -21 days. Yes, 14 – 21 days only!

You will receive an email from 2Gule as soon as your goods arrived at the company’s offices in the USA and you can then choose to either have them delivered to you when they get to Uganda, or to pick them up from their pickup point. You should be contacted the moment the goods are ready to be picked up. Here, you will be required to pay the remainder 40% as you receive your product. 

In the event that you already bought your goods or have items still stuck in the USA/UK or Canada, 2Gule can still help you ship them into Uganda, pay the customs fees and deliver them safely to you. Their fees range from $8 to $9 per pound of weight including shipping fees and tax on arrival, the cheapest on market at the moment.

What do you stand to gain from 2Gule?

Basically, 2Gule was built to cater for the loopholes currently present in importation market space.  

They promise a reliable and fast service with less shipping time. The company boasts of partnership agreements with various airfreight companies and airlines, which guarantee that your goods will always arrive on time within 14 – 21 days of your purchase/ order.

You also get to be provided with shopping assistants. Where have you experienced that? 2Gule can do the shopping for you if your payment method isn’t accepted by the platform from which you are buying or even if you are having trouble finding a verified seller online.

The company promises to offer you security, as you only have to pay 60% before purchase, and then the 40% upon delivery of your goods. They also help you pay for the import tax and duty plus any hidden fees at customs. Attractive, right?

If you make numerous orders here and there, you don’t have to worry about these coming in bits. 2Gule consolidates your orders by combining them under one tracking number. So, all your packages will be delivered together and you only pay once for all the orders. And this happens at the best rates on the market. You can be sure to enjoy the best shipping rates at 2Gule with weekly reviews of airfreight routes and partnership agreements.

Upon making your purchase, 2Gule gives you a tracking number off which you can track the progress of your order in real-time. This is done by going to the website, logging in with your details and inputting your tracking number so as to get updated with the progress of your order.

You can check out their YouTube channel, where they educate about everything to do with importation of goods into Uganda. This includes tutorials on how to use 2Gule to comparison videos showing the difference between original products obtained from verified sellers and the counterfeit products on market here in Uganda.

2Gule: The ultimate place to shop online and ship to Uganda
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