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Liquid Telecom launches its Azure Stack Hub in Kenya

Liquid Telecom has announced the deployment of its Azure Stack Hub in Kenya’s capital Nairobi. The availability of the hub within Kenyan borders will enable businesses to meet local data regulatory requirements and efficiently run latency sensitive business applications.

This investment showcases Liquid Telecom’s commitment to Kenya’s digital transformation by empowering businesses with a cloud solution that is locally available, highly secure, and enables real time business continuity with flexible adoption models.

Over the last two years, Liquid Telecom has taken the centre-stage in driving Africa’s digital transformation with its complete managed Cloud offering on Azure and Azure Stack, backed by an extensive and resilient fibre infrastructure across the continent.

Recently, Liquid Telecom partnered with Cassava FinTech International to launch the Sasai Wi-Fi Finder, a potential game-changer in driving digital and financial inclusion in Africa. The service, which will be offered across the continent, is set to be rolled at thousands of hotspots across Africa.

The Sasai Wi-Fi Finder will allow greater connectivity in a variety of locations, including retail, health care, education, government and small business trade facilities. The App will also give millions of Africans access to social, entertainment and on-demand services offered on the Sasai super App, including Sasai Moments.

The partnership will see the roll-out of the Sasai Wi-Fi Finder in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa in phases over the coming months.

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Liquid Telecom launches its Azure Stack Hub in Kenya
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