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ISBAT, Airtel to offer students free access to Virtual Learning

ISBAT University has announced a new partnership with Airtel Uganda aimed at providing students with free access to the University’s Hybrid Blended Learning platform using the Airtel internet platform.

The partnership that is in line with the Uganda government’s efforts to ensure safety for everyone as well as education and business continuity from home will see Airtel provide free access to student numbers provided by the university and will be available to all active students of the current semester (Spring 2020).

Commenting about this partnership during the launch, ISBAT University Vice Chancellor Dr. K.M. Mathew noted that World over Universities adopted such learning and assessment practices for the affected semester(s) in order to save the semester and progress academically.

ISBAT University’s interactive live virtual classes attracted a vast majority of students with lots of encouragement from the University community. The University’s aim is to ensure that our students are not at disadvantage due to the prolonged closure of the University in the lockdown period and we sincerely hope to save the semester in a timely manner,” he noted.

Airtel Uganda Managing Director Mr. V.G. Somasekhar congratulated ISBAT University upon this essential innovation and encouraged the students to utilize this opportunity to further their education.

Since the lockdown of all Education facilities in March 2020, Airtel Uganda has put in place a number of interventions to ensure Ugandans continue to access their education materials. The telecommunications company recently partnered with Avaya Holdings Corp., as well as a number of online education providers to implement remote learning initiatives.

The collaboration between Airtel and ISBAT is going to be a paradigm shift in the higher education sector of Uganda, especially during this unprecedented pandemic situation. Students will greatly benefit by this unique arrangement, as they will be able to continue with the academic progress in an uninterrupted manner with more enthusiasm and high academic spirit, without spending anything for expensive internet data.

ISBAT, Airtel to offer students free access to Virtual Learning
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