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5 ways to earn and save money with the Chipper Cash app

Making transactions and exchanging cash over an app is by far one of the most powerful technological developments to-date. You don’t have to move distances to make monetary transfers. No, you don’t! With tools like the Chipper Cash app, you just have to make a few taps and swipes.

The cross-border money transfer platform has some key points that stand out, and these are proof for the need to have it on your phone. You can get it from the Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iPhone holders.

Once you have it on, these are the 5 features that you should not miss.

Send money for free

One of the limitations to the adoption of mobile money transfer in Uganda, and Africa at large, is the rather high charges imposed on peer-to-peer transactions by service providers – especially the telcos. It becomes a burden to send money to someone and then having to part with an amount as a charge for this. Chipper Cash does away with this!

chipper cash app

On the app, you can instantly load money from either Airtel Money or MTN Mobile Money, send and receive money without any costs incurred by both the sender and receiver; Plus, get to transfer the money received to your Airtel Money or MTN Mobile money wallet. It’s all completely FREE.

The only charge you incur is when withdrawing at the agent point by the telecom service provider.

Request money from friends

You could be having trouble asking your friend to pay you back the amount they owe you, or asking them to lend you an amount you plan on paying back later. Well, you can use the Chipper Cash app to request money from them.

You simply tap the Request option and selecting the contact to send you money plus the reason for this. On their side, they will receive a notification asking them to approve the transaction, after which you can receive the money if positively considered.

Get cashback on airtime purchase

You don’t have to get concerned about low airtime balances when you have something available on your Chipper cash app. In just a few steps, you can easily purchase airtime for any network and even get a 2% cashback to your account balance. How about that?

Get paid for referrals

Don’t be broke, when there is an opportunity to get rewarded for adding your friends and colleagues to the Chipper Cash family. As long as they can accept, you can earn from inviting your friends to the platform. Once they verify their account, top-up and send at least UGX 3,000, you both get the same amount into your accounts. To earn, click on this link here to download the app or go to the Earn option at the bottom of the app, and enter the referral code SautiTech.

chipper cash

Cross-border money transfers

The Chipper Cash app allows you to exchange funds with any of your friends in Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda, and Tanzania. A sender from any of these countries can send you any amount and it is free of charge.

You can receive money from them in any currency, and the app will automatically exchange it into your currency of choice without you visiting a forex bureau. You can then cash out from any Airtel Money or MTN Mobile Money agent near you.

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5 ways to earn and save money with the Chipper Cash app
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