Airtel TV app review: Stream live television on the go!

airtel tv app

For those that saw the transition from on-the-desk land lines and street pay phones to the now widely spread network of mobile handsets, you can relate the journey that television has moved. From the analog big-bodied monitors that we used to view limited programming on, to the versatile pay TV channels, and now mobile TV – like the Airtel TV app. The journey has been remarkable.

Airtel Uganda recently unveiled its live TV and video-on-demand app, Airtel TV, for customers to watch local television on the go, as well as enjoy entertainment from the available list of shows and movies.

Getting started

You can download the Airtel TV App from Play store for Android or iOS for iPhone, enter your Airtel number through which you will receive an OTP SMS that you enter for confirmation.

Ensure that you have an active Airtel data bundle that will let you stream and watch all channels available on the App.

First Impressions

Having the Airtel TV app on your mobile does save you a lot of money you could have spent on renewing your decoder subscription – to watch local channels – and lets you watch it all from wherever you are; no restrictions.

The key content available on the app is Shows, movies, and TV.

The Good about Airtel TV:

With a good internet connection, you can have it all. The TV section has all the programming set in line, with the time of airing perfectly set. You can ably switch between the HD channels, your preferred language or category of choice.

There a good number of movies available, especially the local (Ugandan) productions. For those that love sitting back and watching every minute of the native action, it suits you well. The app is a good library from which to pick from.

If you want to continue watching as you browse for any other content, the app offers a picture-in-picture mode that can keep you going.

You can also add your favourite channels to a watch you keep tabs on when it is airing or even play on if already in the library.

The Bad about Airtel TV:

  • No screenshots. You can’t tell a friend about any interesting part you enjoyed in a show or on TV. Update: Trick on how to go over this? Just press the volume down button plus power button to capture.
  • The Hollywood section “content is not available”. Update: Use a VPN to position you in the US
  • If you pause a movie, you can’t start from wherever you stopped. You have to rewatch. Plus, there’s no option to forward to a specific time.
  • No premium content – though one would not expect premium content on a free app.


You want TV everywhere you go? The Airtel TV app is just for you. Recharge your data bundle, download the app, and stream.

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