smartphone battery drains too fast

What to do when your smartphone battery drains too fast

We all love smartphones that can accommodate all the interesting features and specifications on our checklist. However, it is obvious that gadgets that come with advanced attributes such as smarter processors and powerful functionality always struggle with containing battery power compared to the less equipped devices.

That said, you will need to employ a couple of mechanisms to ensure that your smartphone battery does not run out while in use. 

Turn off the hotspot

A powerful smartphone can as well act as your internet router, enabling you to stay connected to your gadgets and community. But it is not every other time that you will need that hotspot connection and, if you are not keen enough to notice, this runs down the smartphone battery power faster than you can imagine. 

When not in use, turn off the hotspot from your smartphone and only turn it back on at the specific time you need to use it. That way, you should save a significant percentage of power. 

Adjust screen brightness

Modern smartphones are built to utilize the screen more with wider displays and improved functionality. However, this comes at the expense of the battery life. So, in the event that you find your smartphone screen brighter than you can accommodate, you can adjust it to the most comfortable level. 

Some Android devices come with Adaptive brightness mode, which automatically adapts to your environment and adjusts the brightness accordingly. This, as well, saves your smartphone battery.

It has also been argued that employing a dark mode or dark theme on your Android phone could help you save battery life. However, a study showed that dark mode is unlikely to improve your smartphone’s battery life significantly.

Limit gaming and video watching

Smartphones make entertainment on the go a lot funnier, especially with more games and video content produced and driven to the market consistently. But, only if you are going to keep your device on charge each and every time you are enjoying these, you will need to take a break so as to save some battery for other activities. 

It is thus smart to limit the amount of time you spend playing mobile games or watching videos on your smartphone so as to create a balance between the amount of battery power consumed and what you have left.

Turn on power-saving mode

Android smartphone manufacturers have always found hacks to curb quick drainage, and one of these is the Power saving mode. Depending on how it is configured to your device, turning it on can prolong the battery life and ensure you can do more with your phone before you surrender it for a full recharge. 

Ensure your smartphone battery is original

Beyond normal and everyday use, it could be that your smartphone battery runs out faster simply because it is not original. Yes, the authenticity of the battery matters too as anything fake could as well result in unreliable performance. 

So, we recommend that you check to ensure that the battery is originally from the smartphone manufacturer, and if at all it is not, replace it with the right one. 

With these mechanisms in place, you can count on them for your smartphone battery to have a longer life and much better performance. 

What to do when your smartphone battery drains too fast
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