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itel P38 Series: Everything to expect as launch nears

It is not a secret that itel is steadily changing the norms in the smartphone industry, especially in Africa. With its upcoming itel P38 series, part of its Power line of smartphones, the brand is now introducing a new style to its already growing family of unique devices.

A look at an insider document specifies the new smartphone series to have all-new Fast Charging capability, a long battery life, a powerful appearance, plus a promise of a better and smoother user experience all through.

Let’s talk about the charge capabilities.

With the 15W fast charging, the P38 is going to be the first fast-charging phone from itel brand. It is expected to be nearly 3 times the speed of normal charging. Basically, only after 10 minutes of charging, you should be able to chat for at least 3 hours on WhatsApp.

Plus, it is safer! After the power is switched on, the safe charging mode is automatically opened to protect the safety of you and your family.

Then the 5000mAh large battery; which is designed to meet all your power needs. The itel P38 series come with the AI Power Master which can intelligently learn the user’s usage habits, and intelligently adjust the power consumption of the software from the background, so as to achieve the purpose of balanced power saving.

The new powerful experience entails a 6.6“ HD WaterDrop FullScreen and an all-new unibody design. It’s stylish and very comfortable to hold.

This includes a slim body, which allows for easy one-handed operation, a comfortable grip; and fashion at the same time. This is in addition to the independent dual-lens design that keeps up with industry trends. Plus, it makes the P38 more futuristic and elegant.

The phone comes with an 8MP main camera, a high-definition lens that can clearly record the beauty in front of you. It can restore details more truly and retain more real memories. This time, the camera focuses faster and more accurately, avoiding blurring.

It also has a 32GB storage that gives you enough storage space to save your favorite things. If you add to this the 2GB RAM that support 8-12 Apps at the same time; it’s a WIN!

The itel P38 series will be available in Uganda around 3rd May 2022. Expect it to come in Nebula Black, Galaxy Blue, and Spruce Green colours.

itel P38 Series: Everything to expect as launch nears
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