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Damali Ssali raises youth hopes at the TIG Network Launch

Uganda is one of the youngest nations on Earth! According to 2014 findings from the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, up to 57% (about 17.77 million persons) of our population is below 18 years of age, which places them comfortably in the majority.

How the media covers the affairs, opinions, and interests of these individuals, who are not only the majority stakeholders in Uganda’s affairs but also our nation’s single greatest asset, crucial to the country’s future and standing, needs to be understood, respected and, ultimately, the issues they raise must be addressed, and this is part of TIG Network Afrika main goal.

Participating in a panel discussion on ICT Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Creative Arts moderated by TIG Network Afrika’s reigning CEO of the Year 2021-22 Innocent Kawooya, Damali Ssali pointed a torchlight to the many opportunities that the youth participating in the creative and innovations industries can leverage to become the next billionaires of the world. 

She used the opportunity to share about raising funding and stressed the need for youth to concentrate on bettering their personal or human capital as it is the most important requirement to kick-start any successful career. The discussion covered a vast range of topics to ready the participants for the business journey ahead.

Core to the panel set was to create linkages between the technologies they need to leverage and how they can be the firm foundation on which a successful entrepreneurial vehicle is built.

Whether you want to make a hundred million shillings or hundreds of million dollars, everything starts with you, by investing some money and time you can use the vast knowledge resources on the internet, ad in the palm of your hands, to learn and passionately work on those dreams you so dearly believe, but you must also remember that the work you intend to do will only be sustainably successful if it is helping to solve a major problem in your community,” Damali Ssali noted. 

Damali Ssali recently joined Private Sector Foundation Uganda as the Chief Programs and Projects Officer. She is a business and finance expert with a passion for ideas, innovation, and technology that fosters Financial Inclusion.

She is the Founder and CEO of the Ideation Corner, a social impact fund, with a platform on which she has profiled a number of individuals whose expertise and initiatives are a cause for optimism that Ugandans can take the lead in their development and march to prosperity.

She recently ascended to Uganda’s Ambassador for the United Nations Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization. 

It is mainly through her irrepressible advocacy for the financial empowerment of women, trade, and entrepreneurship that Damali has found a shared passion and common cause with very many creators and innovators of solutions that are tailored to solve new world problems.

She is much regarded as a partner, mentor, facilitator, keynote speaker, and Chief Guest in a number of activities over the past years.

Damali Ssali raises youth hopes at the TIG Network Launch
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