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What the iCloud Passwords Chrome extension is all about

Apple recently released a Chrome extension for Windows that lets you use passwords stored with iCloud. Dubbed iCloud Passwords, the feature basically allows you to use the same strong Safari passwords you create on your Apple device with Chrome on Windows.

When visiting websites in Chrome on your Windows PC, the iCloud Passwords extension also saves any new passwords you might create to your iCloud Keychain. This is to ensure that they are also available on your Apple devices.

The extension comes with iCloud for Windows version 12.0. This has a “passwords” item in the list of available services. Once you tap on it, you will be asked to download the extension. This will be handy for you to automatically fill in website passwords with your iCloud Keychain.

iCloud Passwords is one of the very few Apple products to be used in the Windows ecosystem. The other notable one is the Apple TV+ for the Xbox. It is reported that the company is also planning new media apps for Windows and possibly porting its Music and Podcasts apps to the Microsoft Store.

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iCloud is built into every Apple device. All your data is safe, up to date, and available wherever you are. And it works automatically, so all you have to do is keep doing what you love.

The files you keep safe in iCloud Drive are easy to get to, using whichever device. You can access all your files from the Files app on iOS and iPadOS, the Finder on your Mac, File Explorer for Windows PCs, or

What the iCloud Passwords Chrome extension is all about
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