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How to hide the apps you don’t need in iOS 14

As long as your smartphone has enough space on it, you are likely to have a page or folder with apps you rarely use. Depending on how often you use them, you may want to have these hidden away so that you can only open them when needed. The new iOS 14 has a lot of updates that let you customize your screen layout – including the ability to hide such apps.

Just as you can customize your screen with large widgets, you can hide the apps on your iPhone while still keeping them in case you ever need it. Here’s how you do it.

How to hide the apps you don’t need in iOS 14

In order to access the option to hide an app page:

  • Long-press on any part of your screen to bring up edit mode.
  • In edit mode, tap the little gray, dotted bar at the bottom of your screen to take you to your page layout. You’ll see the pages of your apps with check marks underneath them.
  • Uncheck the mark under the page to hide and it shall be hidden.

Note that this won’t delete any of the apps. You can still access them from the new App Library. To access that, just swipe left from your rightmost app page. Search for any app that was on the hidden page, and you can find it.

When you successfully hide one of your pages, you’ll be notified that new app downloads will go automatically to the App Library, rather than the Home Screen. If you want to change this back, go to the Settings app, then find the Home Screen settings. This will give you the option to change new app downloads back to Home Screen.

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How to hide the apps you don’t need in iOS 14
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