How to do the aesthetic Home Screen in iOS 14

The launch of the new iOS 14 came with the ability, among others, to let you customize your home screen to something more interesting. Basically, Apple expanded on widgets to give them more depth and style a home screen screen based on the information on the phone owner. One thing we can be thankful about its launch is the high level of creativity that it has turned iPhone users into. This is evident in the various aesthetic home screen innovations we’ve seen.

Aesthetics are basically custom themes and app icons that you can create on your home screen, as long as you have iOS 14. These themes vary from following the same color pattern to a fall or Halloween theme, or pop culture. So how can you customize your own iPhone screen? Let’s check it out.

How to do the aesthetic Home Screen in iOS 14

The first thing you need to do is to pick your theme and gather all of the pictures you would like to be part of the aesthetic. An easy way is to search color + aesthetic on Pinterest.

To create the apps for your aesthetic home screen:

  • Go to shortcuts, then select new shortcut
  • Search Open App, Select App, and then click the 3 dots in the top corner
  • Click Add to Home Screen, select icon and choose picture
  • Rename

To set the reminder widget :

  • Download Widgetsmith
  • Select medium widget
  • Scroll to reminders to change font, style, and color
  • Make the Home Screen shake and add widget

Key to note is that you can photoshop your apps in pics art/vsco to make them more seamless looking. You can also use a mild or solid background to make your apps or widgets pop. There are also so many ideas to try out online. 

Video credit: Kaylasfro

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How to do the aesthetic Home Screen in iOS 14
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