Here’s what to look out for in the next Windows 10 October update

Windows 10 October

Microsoft recently announced in a blog post that the next update which will be called the “Windows 10 October 2018 update” will arrive in October. “With this update, we’ll be bringing new features and enhancements to the nearly 700 million devices running Windows 10 that help people make the most of their time,” read the blog post.

This version which is referred to as Version 1809 and Redstone 5 internally will be using machine learning to gauge when to restart your PC to install a Windows update. The AI will try to predict when you’re away from your device so it can restart the PC for you.

Here are the major changes to look out for in the upgrade;

File Explorer in ‘Dark’ mode

Starting with this next update, the File Explorer will now be switched to a dark mode by default.  The previous white screen you are used to will be changed from white to black as an effort to improve eyesight by making it easier on your eyes, especially during late night sessions.

Search previews in the Start menu

You will now be able to see document previews, web previews and lots more each time you type something in the Start menu. Other options such as “pin to start” for an application will now be added in the Start menu.

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“Your Phone” app

The app that lets you sync your Android and iPhone devices to your Windows PC will be automatically added with the next update.

Cloud-powered clipboard

You’ll soon be able to access your clipboard history across PCs by pressing “Windows + V”, allowing you to sync your history on iPhone, Android, and iPads.

Other notable improvements will be observed in a new added “support for SwiftKey keyboard” with the swipe to type support added. This feature allows users to type by swiping a finger from one letter to another rather than typing each individual letter.

The Game bar will now show PC players a game’s frames per second, CPU usage, GPU VRAM usage and system usage over time.

This update is expected in the first half of October. A preview complete version with possible bugs and issues is currently available to Windows Insiders. This Update will follow the 1803 update that was released in April commonly known as the “Windows 10 April 2018 Update”.


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