List of authorised Tecno mobile shops in Uganda

Tecno Mobile shops in Uganda

If you love Tecno smartphones, you should have checked our list of Tecno smartphones in Uganda already; we also included prices and specifications.

We’ve also discovered that it’s important to inform you about authorized Tecno smartphone shops in Uganda.

It being the best seller of smartphones in Uganda, Tecno has multiple dealers in the country.

We recently reached out to Tecno’s subsidiary in Kampala to find out which people or companies have been authorized to deal in original Tecno smartphones and other products in Uganda. This will help you avoid buying crap from crooks in town.

Below is a list of authorized Tecno smartphone shops in Uganda as submitted by Tecno Mobile Uganda.

1. Simba Telecom shops

Simba Telecom is one of the oldest retailers of electronics in Uganda. It has multiple branches across the country. They also sell other brands, apart from Tecno smartphones.

2. Banana Phone World shops

These have their main shop on Kampala Road. Branches can be found at Cham Tower, Kizito Tower, Aura Park, Platinum House, former Nandos, Biplous (Kampala Road) and Game Store (Lugogo).

3. Hello Mobile 

Hello Mobile is another authorized Tecno smartphone shop in Uganda.

They deal in Tecno and other budget smartphones and accessories. They have units at Majestic Plaza, Forest Mall Lugogo, Kalungi Plaza, Kampala Road; King Fahad Plaza, Kampala Road.

Others are at Mukwano Mall, Ben Kiwanuka Street; Upper Luwum Street, Kampala Road, Opposite King Fahd Plaza; Cross River, William Street; Next to Bank of Baroda, Kampala Road; Kampala Boulevard, Johnson Street and William Street

4. Rock Unlimited shops

If you want an original Tecno smartphone, you can check out experiential tables at Rock Unlimited. Some of the shops are at City Square and Luwum Street in Kampala.

5. Berries

Berries Uganda Limited is in Ambassador House, Kampala Road. They open from 9am to 5pm.

6. Airtel shops

Airtel Uganda retails shops are also among authorized Tecno smartphone shops in Uganda. Airtel has branches across the country.

7. MicroNet

These also deal in computers. The main branch of MicroNet is at 55, Fountain House, Nkrumah Rd, Kampala.

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8. Karuni Communications

Karuni communications Ltd is located opposite Shell Petrol Station on Entebbe Road in Kampala.

9. Best Buy

Best Buy Uganda is located on Bombo Road in Kampala.

10. Mercury

Mercury, which also deals in computers, has a shop on Kampala Road when you can buy Tecno smartphones in Uganda

11. Bits and Bytes

They are located at King Fahad Plaza in Kampala. They also deal in computers.

12. Tecno Mobile – Kampala Boulevard

It is found along Kampala Road in Kampala Boulevard building.

Other authorized Tecno smartphone shops in Uganda include Tele systems (Masaka), Mob-tech shops (Jinja, One on main street opposite Barclays Bank), Mob- Tech Shops (Kampala Road just opposite Kobil Petrol Station in Jinja town, Deno shop (Johnson Street, Kampala), Banana Showroom (William Street), Laptop Avenue (Kampala Road next to Bank of Africa), Smart Buy (Kampala Road) and Highness (Kampala Road).

Tecno says you can also get their phones from “any TECNO Mobile branded shop near you” or from Jumia Uganda.


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