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How the Absa contactless payment card works

Absa Bank Uganda recently unveiled the contactless tap functionality on its vertical Visa debit cards and POS machines. This gives customers the ability to pay by simply ‘tapping’ the card on a contactless enabled point of sale (POS) terminal once the card has been enabled.

The contactless payment system uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to let you make payments for goods and services. In this post, we take a look at how the card works and the benefits you stand to gain from using it.

How the Absa contactless payment card works

Before you get started, you have to enable the card for the contactless payment.

To do this, you have to insert the card into an Absa payment device and then enter your PIN. Here, you will have to perform up to two more chip-and-PIN transactions to enable the card for contactless payments. If this does not work for you, perform an ATM transaction, after which you should do up to two more chip-and-PIN transactions to enable the card.

If the card is enabled, and you are ready to use the card, ask the cashier if you can pay with your contactless card. You ought to note that this contactless technology requires the cashier to initiate the payment on their system for the transaction to take place.

If the answer is yes, hold or wave your card over the contactless-enabled POS terminal to pay for your purchases. The card must be 2mm from the terminal to allow payment. There’s no need to enter a PIN, swipe your card or even sign a receipt.

So, when is a PIN required for contactless payments? A PIN will be requested from you during: your first use of your new Absa Vertical card to activate the contactless “Tap” payment functionality; when you have exceeded the daily limit for your contactless “Tap” payments; and if your transaction is above the no-PIN limit, you are required to enter a PIN.

What’s in for you, the customer?

The contactless payment card is specifically made for fast, easy and safe payments. So, as a customer, you’ll enjoy shorter queues and quicker ‘check-out’ at stores. Also, you do not have to draw or carry cash for small amounts. With your contactless card, payment is even quicker than a cash payment.  

As you make payments, your card never leaves your hand, thus a guaranteed security. Plus, it reduces your possible exposure to COVID-19 since there is very limited contact with other people.

Additionally, the cards cannot be read from a distance, only within close proximity to the card reader on the POS device. So, be confident in the now that no one can use your card just because it is contactless!

Benefits to the merchants

Merchants always strive to serve more customers in a short period of time. With the contactless payment card, merchants can be sure of making more transactions because of faster processing.

Plus, you don’t need to have an active bank account with Absa to own the contactless POS device. You can always visit any of their branches to acquire one even of you bank elsewhere.

What to do in case of any issues

If your card is stolen or lost, you should call the Absa Bank Call Centre on 0800222333 or+256312218348 immediately to have it cancelled. The merchants are also trained to assist you with the payment process in-store. Should there be an issue that the merchant staff cannot resolve, you should immediately contact Absa. 

How the Absa contactless payment card works
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