Tech hubs and co-working spaces in Uganda: What they charge for space

Tech hubs and co-working spaces in Uganda

The number of tech hubs and co-working spaces in Uganda keeps increasing every year. A 2017 survey by GSMA showed there are 442 active tech hubs and shared working facilities in Africa.

South Africa and Nigeria led the lot, featuring 59 and 55 hubs respectively, while Uganda was in position number 8 with sixteen active hubs. Our neighbor in the East, Kenya, has 30 active hubs.

In their survey, however, GSMA didn’t mention names, they just gave a count. So, in this piece, we shall list the tech hubs and co-working spaces in Uganda that we were able to contact and get information about.

But before we go to the list, we need to highlight a few things. For every shared working hub mentioned in this article, we shall also include location, price and some of the services they provide.

The charges differ according to services offered, location, target customers among other factors.

As someone with a startup, you also need to consider the time a particular hub opens and closes. Distance from where you stay also matters.

For instance, you could be a resident of Ntinda and a hub, say, in Bugolobi is cheaper than that in Kamwokya, which is near your home. But as you focus on the low rental fees, you also need to consider how much you’ll be spending on transport.

The other crucial thing you need to think about deeply as you choose from the tech hubs and co-working spaces in Uganda is food.

As someone running a startup and surviving on a small budget, you don’t want to spend a lot on food. Some hubs are located in Kampala’s high-end communities so food can be really high-priced when the facility has no internal catering service and you’ve to move out to buy food.

In some hubs, you’ll find there is a restaurant where you can buy food at a fair price. Then, there are also factors like a hub having a pantry and a kitchen where you can make tea. In some, you have to carry your own utensils.

Why should you choose a co-working space instead of renting your own office? The most fundamental reason is that co-working spaces are way cheaper than renting your own room to set up an office?

To set up your own office, you need furniture, electricity and water bills, internet, cleaners and security. This is all catered for in co-working spaces at a price that’s really low as you’ll find out from the figures below.

Secondly, you get to work from an environment filled with people going through the same challenges you are encountering and you can always share knowledge.

Most tech hubs and co-working spaces accommodate startups at all stages of growth so you can easily find them and talk them about the knowledge they’ve accumulated over the years.

When big organizations are looking for entrepreneurs to fund, they normally go through tech hubs; the most recent example is Alibaba and Nailab in Kenya. So, working from tech hubs will increase your chances of getting exposed to funding. The list goes on.


Location — Plot 18, Kanjokya Street, Kamwokya

Shared desk — Shs100,000 per month

Dedicated desk –- Shs150,000 per month

Open         — 7pm-6pm

TechBuzz Hub

Location — Najim Mall, Ntinda

Shared desk — Shs100,000 per month (next year — Shs120k)

Fee for a day – Shs7,000

Open — 8am-9pm (Monday to Saturday)

Services — Water point (tea and drinking) [No kitchen, need your own utensils]


Location — Soliz House, Lumumba Avenue, Kampala

Shared desk – Shs220,000 per month

Private room – 18 dollars per sq. meter plus 18% tax on each dollar

Works — Monday to Friday (7am – 10pm)

Services — Water (drinking)

Tribe Kampala

Location — Plot 8, Bukoto Street, Kamwokya

Open — 9am — 9pm (Monday to Saturday)

Half day — Shs20,000

Full day — Shs30,000

5 days — Shs125000

Charges in hours — 35hrs ($50), 70hrs ($100), 150hrs ($200), Unlimited ($300)

Services — Mail service, conference room (for free and others for hire), plans to introduce kitchen,

Design Hub

Location — Fifth street, Industrial Area (Bugolobi)

Open  — 6am — 6pm (Monday to Friday), Saturday: 8am-2pm

Day – Shs25000

10 days – Shs215,000

16 days – Shs325,000

30 days – Shs425000

Startup – Shs625,000 (2 people)

Services — free boardroom and another bigger one for rent: Shs320,000 half a day and Shs640,000 full day, snack point within, drinking water and outdoor and indoor spaces for rent when you have events.

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Ventures Labs

Location — Plot 7, Binayomba Road, Bugolobi

Day — Shs25,000

Month – US$150

Dedicated office — Negotiable

Services — free coffee, food (Shs7000), spacious outdoor space with grass, conference room.

Hive Colab

Location — Plot 90, Kanjokya Street

Open — Monday to Sunday (24 hours)

Shared desk — Shs150,000 per month

Dedicated desk — Shs400,000 per month

Cubicles — US$400-500 per month

Services — Tea, water (drinking), Kitchen

The Innovation Village

Location — Ntinda Complex, Ntinda-Kisaasi Road

This is divided into two sections

Section 1

Open — Monday to Saturday (closes at 9pm on weekdays and 8pm on Saturday)

Shared desk — Shs200,000

Cubicle — US$450

Section 2

Open — Monday to Sunday (24 hours)

Shared desk — Shs500,000

Cubicles — US$350-500

Services — Kitchen, water, a restaurant inside the hub, conference rooms

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The Tech Hub

Location — Park Royal Building, Plot 26 Buganda Road in Kampala

Check tweet below for details on services and charges for space

The Space Hub

Location — Be Forward Uganda, Lugogo By-Pass, Naguru

Dedicated desk — US$100

Shared desk — Shs250,000

The Office Hub

Location — Cooper Road, Kampala

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Away from Kampala

Host Hub

Location — KKT Plaza, Block C – Room 211, Duka Road, Arua

Month — Shs60,000

Hive Colab

Location — Third Floor, Easy View Complex, Mbarara town

Month — Shs100,000 (To be reduced)

Important to note: Some of the prices quoted above are negotiable and they can change from time to time. So, when you visit any of the hubs, don’t accept the first figure they mention.

When listing services offered by tech hubs and co-working spaces in Uganda, we didn’t include some of the general things that offered by everyone like internet access, furniture, washrooms, etc.

The list is also not exhaustive so we shall keep updating it.


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