Ugandan-based startup, Denebola Technologies expands to the US

Ugandan-based construction technology startup, Denebola Technologies has announced its expansion into the United States. This follows the recent opening of its new headquarters in Dover City, Delaware State.

Denebola is a B2B AI-assisted construction-technology Saas platform designed to help construction managers gain real-time visibility into their construction sites, uncover inefficiencies using secure IoT devices and drones, attain real-time project controls for reconciling over-billed and correcting schedules, enabling developers, project managers and general contractors to collaborate efficiently and optimize labor and site resources.

Dr. Kihumuro Wilbur, the Founder at Denebola Group, said in a statement that “Denebola is committed to expanding coverage and technological opportunity to the global community, even as we work to develop the networks to attract both employment and innovation for the future to the construction industry.” 

Currently, Denebola construction management and monitoring platform is being used 0n over 50 construction projects around East Africa. In Dover, the company seeks exposure to the world’s best potential while building a global reputation.

The team’s focus on product quality, especially in line with global industry trends, provides a strong foundation for the future growth of the company,” Dr. Kihumuro adds.

The startup joins a string of other companies expanding into the North American market, including CHIL Food Center trading as Solerchil Technologies that also recently shifted its headquarters to Dover City.  

Ugandan-based startup, Denebola Technologies expands to the US
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