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Treepz unveils corporate option as it marks 3rd anniversary

African Vehicle-hailing app Treepz has announced the expansion of its services to cater to more Africans using buses for their transportation needs. This comes with the addition of a new solution, dubbed Business Treepz, which focused on providing quality transportation at affordable rates for employees of companies, students in schools, and any organization in need of a comfortable vehicle. 

Treepz technology will enable passengers to be easily checked in at the point of pick-up and checked out at drop-off to ensure a safe journey.

The launch of Business Treepz coincides with Treepz’s three-year anniversary. On the 16th of September 2019, Treepz formerly known as Plentywaka, set out officially to revitalize public transportation and bring comfort and safety to riders in Africa using digital technology, starting in Lagos, Nigeria. It then started operating Daily Treepz, a solution that connects commuters with bus drivers via the Treepz App for intra-city travel.

Treepz set up its headquarters in Ontario, Canada, and then expanded to other African countries including Ghana and Uganda to allow more Africans to move around various metropolitan cities in a more structured, predictable, and accessible way. 

In September 2021 Treepz acquired Stabus Ghana, one of Ghana’s leading mobility startups launched in 2019 by its Co-Founder, Isidore Kpotufe. In Uganda, Treepz made the acquisition of a similar start-up in December 2021, Ugabus which was launched in 2016 and had 70% of all bus operators in the East African country on its platform with a mobile money technology for easy payments.

On its anniversary, Treepz can celebrate various milestones this September. There are 2 million completed bookings through the platform with 134,000+ app downloads across 3 African countries. This was achieved while delivering optimal bus transport solutions backed by constantly improved technology via the Treepz App.

Hakiza Ronald, the country manager of Treepz Uganda says, “We are happy about the impact that Treepz has achieved over the last three years. We are excited about the feedback we have got from our dear customers which has enabled us to improve our product. We can now better fulfill the requirements of organizations wanting to benefit from our high-quality transportation service that also allows the use of technology. We are looking forward to growing our partnerships with businesses and schools to make sure more Africans can move comfortably and safely to wherever they have to go.

Onyeka A. Co-Founder & CEO Treepz says, “All these achievements would not be possible without our brilliant team, key stakeholders, partners, riders, heroes/drivers, and people who have trusted us. We would like to say thank you to all. Cheers to more years of hassle-free mobility.

Treepz plans to expand its services in the three core markets, seeking partners in new African countries and working towards more sustainable transportation solutions powered by electric and gas vehicles to save CO2 emissions.

Treepz unveils corporate option as it marks 3rd anniversary
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