WhatsApp launches the “Together at Home” sticker pack

whatsapp together at home sticker pack

With over 2 billion users on WhatsApp, chatting the day away and sending each other various types of media, you can only imagine how many stickers cross accounts. Ever since the launch of the stickers feature a year and a half ago, WhatsApp users have adopted them and it is certainly one of the most popular forms of expression on the app.

Now, as people stay at home, WhatsApp has partnered with the World Health Organization to launch the “Together at Home” sticker pack. This is in a bid to help users “stay connected throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond”.

The app wants you to use the stickers to check-in on loved ones. Particularly, WhatsApp has singled out “those that are feeling isolated, alone, and scared”. The “Together at Home” sticker pack offers creative ways to remind people to wash their hands, maintain distance, exercise, and  celebrate medical heroes as well as their personal heroes.

whatsapp together at home sticker pack

How to add the new “Together at Home” sticker pack

The “Together at Home” sticker pack is available now within WhatsApp, including with text localized for 9 languages – Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

To add the pack, open the sticker screen and tap on the Add icon at the top-right corner. Here you will find the “Together at Home” sticker pack. Tap the Download icon next to the pack that you want to download.

All the stickers that you have downloaded will appear under the My Stickers tab. To access it, open the Sticker panel. Then tap on the Add icon and go to My Stickers.

WhatsApp group calls in coronavirus lockdown

Group calls over WhatsApp in the recent weeks have been a lot more. This is highly because of the less physical meetings and the global lockdown to contain the coronavirus. It is the reason that the app had applied some changes to the Call button in groups.

As long as you are in a small group with 4 participants, you can directly start a call without choosing the participants, because all participants will be automatically added in the call.

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