Netflix ‘Screen Lock’ will help you do away with accidental touches

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Unlike playing a video game on your mobile, watching a movie requires little to no tap on the screen; or else you’ll mess things up in one way or another. And if you are one of the kind that can’t resist their fingers from touching the screen, Netflix screen lock could be just for you!

Yes, Netflix is rolling out a new feature to prevent accidental touches and any random button hitting on your phone, in the process of watching something. Upon getting it, Android users should see a “Screen Lock” option at the bottom of the app’s interface when they tap play, visibly adjacent to the Episodes, Audio & Subtitles and Next Ep. buttons.

netflix lock screen

How the Netflix Screen Lock button works

Pressing the button typically removes the entire Netflix User Interface and only shows a lock icon. To get the interface back, especially if you want the play/pause and the timeline scrubber, you’ll need to press the icon twice.

The first tap will bring up an “Unlock Controls?” button, while the second tap will actually make them available for use again. These will return and you’ll be able to use everything as normal.

The feature has been rolled out to all Netflix users on Android as part of a server-side change. We are yet to confirm if, and when, it shall be live on iOS.

Netflix recently made a wider update with a focus on improved parental controls. Users can now set a PIN to keep individual profiles locked down. Here is how to set your Netflix PIN.

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