View point: Hire a marketing consultant to lay off waste on your company


Establishing an effective marketing strategy is not an option, it’s a factor that defines the future progress of your business and its growth speed.

“Business has only two functions, marketing and innovation” – Peter Drucker

Before heading to an advertising firm, talking to a graphic designer or using your own efforts, look for the person who will fill the gaps and save you the costly losses of ineffective advertising.

The loss can come in different forms. For example, business owners – especially owners of small businesses and start-ups – tend to depend on their common sense in setting and executing marketing activities like building a Facebook page with no prior planning or experience.

This often leads to low ROI, or return on investment, and consequently losing time and money.

Another pitfall is hiring an advertising agency or a freelancer to design your communication material without relating the efforts to a well-planned marketing strategy set by a marketing expert.

I’ve witnessed many cases where business owners were disappointed with the results they got after paying lots of money to designers and advertising agencies.

Well, frankly speaking, it’s not their fault! These people are only responsible for translating the values of your business based on your strategy in the way that your audience is most likely to endorse.

The gap here happens when the strategy is absent and this will blow away all the efforts even if the designers and advertisers were top-notch.

The worst form of which loss is not well-noticed is the distraction and losing precious time.

Why is this time precious?

Because instead of spending those hours guessing your next marketing step; you could have spent them finishing your administrative tasks, developing your products or overlooking your staff and business.

There are a lot more to mention about how the absence of a marketing expert is hurting your business and how hiring one is vital to its growth.

Even if you think you know about marketing or any other speciality, it will always be effective and efficient to “give the bread to the baker”.

Want to know more about how hiring a marketing consultant can help your business? Wait up for more in our upcoming series of articles.

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