3 pillars of building a powerful digital personal brand

personal branding

If people like you, they will listen to you. If they trust you, they will do business with you” – Zig Ziglar

Maintaining a solid personal brand has become vital for career growth regardless of your profession, experience level or industry.

Building a distinctive brand is a matter of strategy that implies our daily activities and communication.

Throughout your journey, the following three pillars must always be in mind:

Be consistent

It’s very important that you keep a track when communicating offline or online.

Show interest and expertise about the topics related to your personal brand and what you want to be known for. A person who knows about everything will be remembered for nothing.

Be original

Develop your own voice and signature. Appear to the world in a unique way that will differentiate you from others.

Create your own methodology of doing what you do. It’s always good to have a successful role model, but it’s only a guide. Don’t be a copycat, you’ll never be the perfect copycat!

Be clear

Communicate effectively, present your values and announce your role. Attract people by stating the reasons for why they must talk to you and how it will help them or their business. Speak loud!

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