SafeBoda wants you to send and receive money for FREE

safeboda money transfer free

The brains at SafeBoda are a restless lot and you can only imagine how much more the app shall contain. What began as a transport solution, slowly grew into an airtime source and delivery service provider, to flying on as a food delivery app.

Then, as one looks through the internet, one comes across a statement that catches one’s eye. “Every time you send and withdraw money you lose 8% on charges. We want to change that!

SafeBoda is planning on making the sending and receiving money a lot possible and more over for free.

One confusion that I am yet to solve is the scope of the plan. According to the site that details this SafeBoda money transfer item, it states Kampala as the working area. Could this mean that the sending and receipt of money will be geo-based? We shall know more when the service launches.

You can give in your input on the SafeBoda money transfer service here, for them to know your thoughts.

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The bike-hailing app, which started in Kampala – Uganda in 2015, and made its way to Kenya in mid-2018, recently marked a third country of its operations while entering the populous Nigeria.

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