How to retrieve backed-up Google contacts to your Android device

retrieve backed-up Google contacts Android device

Now that you know how to back up phone contacts to your Google account, let’s also show you how to restore the backed-up contacts.

You may need to retrieve backed-up Google contacts to your Android device when you’ve accidentally lost them or you’ve acquired a new device.

In the latter case, always sign in to your new phone using the account you used to back up your contacts.

When you do that, the device will sync data and you will be able to view your Gmail contacts.

In this article, we will show you how to restore backed-up contacts from your Google account to an Android phone or tablet using the Sync settings option in your android device.

1. Open your Android’s Settings app: You can find and tap the icon on your Apps menu, or swipe down the notification bar from the top, and tap on the top-right.

restore backed-up contacts

2. Scroll down and tap Accounts. This will open a list of all your saved accounts on a new page. On some versions, this option may be named Accounts & sync.

restore your backed-up contacts

3. On the Accounts page,  tap Google option to open a list of all your saved Google accounts.

retrieve backed-up Google contacts

If you don’t have your Google account saved to your Android, tap Add account or the “” dots on the top right. This will allow you to add your account before syncing.

And If you have multiple Google Accounts, choose which account’s contacts to restore, Tap the account you want to download contacts from.

This will open the sync options on a new page. But If you only have one Google account saved in your Android device, it will automatically skip this step.

4. Slide the Contacts option switch to enable it and all your contacts from this account will automatically download and sync to your Android.

In the above 4 steps, you should able to retrieve backed-up Google contacts to your Android device.


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