Raxio Data Centre 's VP Tech and Operations, Abdul-Rahman Ahmed addresses the audience with a technical presentation

Raxio Data Centre is supporting SMEs with data storage

Raxio Data Centre is on a renewed drive to support effective data storage by Ugandan businesses.

The promotion, which runs from 1st November to 31st December 2022, targets critical sectors such as FINTECH, Research & Innovation firms, microfinance, insurance, and professional services mainly drawn from the Uganda Network Operators Group (UGNOG) and the Financial Technologies Services Providers’ Association (FITSPA), the umbrella body for fintechs in Uganda with 189 members to-date.

Allen Najjuuko, Raxio Data Centre’s Sales Manager, shared more insight about this move: “Since we launched Raxio Data Centre in May 2022, we have engaged strategic players in the industry to get insights about their data storage needs. From our research, there has been huge demand from MSMEs who have smaller data storage needs but require the infrastructure and support that a carrier-neutral data centre like ours provides“.

To support data storage facilities for businesses with small data storage needs, Raxio Data Centre has launched a new sales promotion campaign that offers businesses a FREE cross-connect when you buy a 1/2 rack (1KW) or 1/4 rack (500W).

With this promotion, we are supporting the growth of corporate and MSMEs businesses in Uganda that appreciate the need for 99.999% uptime to support critical operations for their enterprise, commercial and corporate businesses“, added Abdul-Rahman Ahmed, Raxio Data Centre’s VP Tech and Operations.

Raxio Data Centre is committed to providing high-quality data storage facilities for businesses in Uganda, and this promotion is just one way that they are supporting the growth of the country’s critical sectors.

By offering free cross-connects with the purchase of a 1/2 or 1/4 rack, businesses can access the infrastructure and support they need at an affordable price.

If you are a business in the FinTech, Research & Innovation, microfinance, insurance, or professional services sector in Uganda, don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a free cross-connect when you buy a 1/2 or 1/4 rack from Raxio Data Centre.

The promotion runs until 31st December 2022, so be sure to take advantage of it while you can.

Raxio Data Centre is supporting SMEs with data storage
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