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CWG Uganda, Veritas demonstrate solutions for Data Protection Act compliance

The Data Protection Act Applies to a person/institution/public body collecting, processing, holding, or using personal and to data processed or recorded automatically or manually.

It is the reason why CWG Uganda, in partnership with Veritas, organized a workshop to demonstrate solutions organizations need to invest in, such that they comply with the Data Protection Act 2019.

In attendance was the Personal Data Protection Office, led by the National Data Protection Director Stella Alibateese. There were several attendees from the Banking, Telecom and Government Industries who all gave their insights into what their plans are to ensure they are compliant.

Stella Alibateese, the Director PDPO Uganda

CWG Uganda is a systems solutions company that specializes in a wide array of IT services including communications, and integration services, infrastructure services, managed and support services, cloud services, and software.

Veritas Technologies designs and develops enterprise data management software solutions that helps organizations to protect their mission-critical data, as well as offers cloud data management, data protection, compliance readiness, and storage optimization services.

The half-day session had presenters sharing their experience with the Data Protection Act, its applications, and how one can comply with some of the Veritas data protection solutions.

During the event, Peter Tumusiime, the CWG Uganda Country Manager asserted that there are many benefits to complying with data protection law.

“As well as being the law, good data protection also makes good economic sense because it saves you time and money. It also shows people that you care about their information, which is good for your reputation and your brand,” he added.

CWG Uganda, Veritas demonstrate solutions for Data Protection Act compliance
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