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How the Disney+ GroupWatch feature works

The lockdown has created a rather huge demand for shared viewing and watch parties. If you are an active Disney subscriber that wanted to do something of the sort, Disney+ has unveiled a new feature called GroupWatch to help you solve this. This is basically for the users that wish to watch their shows and movies together without having to use third-party software. 

Disney+ GroupWatch allows up to seven users to watch at once, provided they all have Disney+ subscriptions. The users can control pausing, rewinding, or fast-forwarding for the rest of the party and they can react to what they’re watching with emoji. There is a small emoji button on the bottom right that lets you access these reactions.

You ought to note that you can only use the feature if you are located in an area that supports GroupWatch. For now it is only the US, but with plans to expand to other countries shortly. 

How the Disney+ GroupWatch feature works

To start a GroupWatch event, follow the following steps.

  • Pick the film of your choice. 
  • Click on the little button on the film description page that looks like a group of people gathered together. 
  • Then, you’ll see a GroupWatch page that shows what you’re watching and allows you to invite others to watch the stream with you. 
  • To invite friends, send them an invite link provided by Disney+.
  • After watching, go back to your browser and click “Leave Group Watch.

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How the Disney+ GroupWatch feature works
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