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What is the new Adobe Liquid Mode and how can you use it?

Adobe recently launched its new Liquid Mode, a primary step in its vision to “fundamentally change the way people consume digital documents.” This new mode uses the company’s own Sensei AI framework to understand the structure of PDFs and make them more interactive and mobile friendly.

How to use the new Adobe Liquid mode

  • Open a PDF in Acrobat Reader, after which it will check if the PDF will work with Liquid Mode or not. 
  • If it is compatible then the Liquid Mode button will light up. 
  • Tap the button and the file is sent to Adobe’s Document Cloud for processing. 

After the process is complete, the restructured document will show up. You can tweak the font size and line spacing also. 

The new Liquid Mode uses headers and structures to build a tappable table of contents, allowing you to skip from one section to another. Adobe claims that the new feature is non-destructive, which means that nothing will change in the original PDF. The company claims that it wants to bring more Sensei technology into all of its document products and services. With the help of which using PDFs will become extremely easy.

Liquid Mode is now available inside of the Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app for iOS, Android and Chromebooks. The feature will soon be made available for desktops and browsers.

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What is the new Adobe Liquid Mode and how can you use it?
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