MTN Mobile Money sending charges/rates in Uganda 2019

Mobile money tax in Uganda

MTN Mobile Money sending charges were reduced on Monday. MTN Uganda dropped the rates by more than 50% in some ranges of cash you’ll be sending.

However, MTN Uganda made the move following a promotion that Airtel Uganda introduced at the beginning of May cutting Airtel Money sending rates by more than 80% in some ranges.

While the promotion of MTN is running for 2 months (8 weeks), the one of Airtel Money was to last for 90 days (it began on May 9). Implying both will end in July.

But who’s offering the best sending rates?

When sending an amount from Shs500-2500, MTN Mobile Money now charges you Shs50. In this range, Airtel charges Shs100. But how many people make such a transaction?

Both MTN and Airtel charge the same figure of Shs100 for a transaction between Shs2500 and 5001.

MTN Mobile Money sending charges and Airtel Money sending charges for the remaining amounts also don’t vary. The only difference is that with MTN you can send up to Shs7 million while Airtel only limits you to Shs5 million.

MTN Mobile Money sending charges

Between Shs5000 and 60,001, both telcos charge Shs500, then Shs1000 for anything above this.

Old rates

However, when you look at the non-promotional rates of MTN and Airtel, MTN Mobile Money is more expensive than Airtel Money when sending large amounts. For instance, for any amount above Shs500,000, Airtel charges you Shs2,000 to send it while MTN adds Shs200.


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