How to make payments on Africell Money using Beyonic

africell money payments beyonic

Early last year, we told you of the grooming partnership between digital payments platform, Beyonic, and Africell Uganda in a bid to allow companies that work with the former ability to accept funds from Africell money.

The two companies have partnered yet again, this time to introduce Beyonic as a reseller for Africell airtime, data bundles and mobile money payments. The announcement is now a stamp to prove that the telco’s mobile Money facilities are now fully available through the e-wallet platform.

According to the release on the partnership, it targets “enterprises seeking to boost their financials with the convenience of making multiple payments without the burden of managing hard cash.” The service will let customers make payments to multiple beneficiaries on the Africell money network, thus automating and simplifying financial transactions.

In addition to payments, companies can also buy Africell airtime in bulk through the Beyonic platform. This suits firms seeking to provide affordable airtime and data bundles to its employees.

How to make multiple payments on Africell money

  • Visit Beyonic and open an account on the platform
  • Load float/credit to transact
  • Load a file (csv or excel) of the beneficiaries you wish to make payment for with their corresponding mobile money numbers
  • Review the information you have uploaded
  • Approve the payment
  • Instant payments to your beneficiaries

Making multiple payments for app customers

  • Integrate your app with Beyonic’s API
  • When a customer wants to purchase anything on the app, the customer will just enter the amount they want to pay from their Africell Money wallet
  • Beyonic will send them an authorization request to enter their unique Africell Money pin code
  • On completion, Beyonic will instantly pull funds from the customer’s mobile wallet to the client’s Beyonic account

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