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Tecno Mobile partners with MTN Uganda to launch Camon 20 Series

TECNO, an innovative technology brand with  operations in over 70 global markets, today with its partners has launched its new  CAMON 20 Series, bringing spectacular portrait video and night portrait photography  experience with the industry first CAMON PUZZLE deconstructionist design to its  forward-looking users. 

TECNO Mobile Uganda has again partnered with MTN Uganda to launch CAMON 20  series in a phenomenal style. The launch happened at Ndere Center with the Slogan  ‘Every emotion, in Motion.’ 

The partnership is a commitment between the two market leaders to provide ground breaking solutions to its customers but also fulfill their promise of satisfying the  customers. MTN has committed to give free 3GB internet data to every month for three  months to all customer that purchase the CAMON 20 series. 

TECNO CAMON 20 Premier 5G’s 5000 Times/s Sensor-Shift OIS Anti-shaking  Technology and 50MP RGBW Ultra-Sensitive sensor enable the device to be capable to  provide SLR camera level anti-shake video and crystal-clear night portrait quality. Its  108MP Ultra Definition camera delivers breath-taking wide-angle shots for both  photography and video shooting. Meanwhile, inspired by the deconstructionist genre of  postmodern architecture, the series fuses the magic skin with ceramic materials and  create the unique CAMON PUZZLE design CAMON 20 Series brings industry design  standards into a new era. As a result, the design won the prestigious MUSE Design  Award 2023 as a gold winner and highlights TECNO’s position as a pioneer of  smartphone design. TECNO CAMON 20 Series including CAMON 20 Premier 5G,  CAMON 20 Pro and CAMON 20 are available in all TECNO branded shops and on  Jumia. 

“TECNO CAMON 20 series brings together innovative technologies and modern stylish  design in one striking, high-performance series,” said Timmy, TECNO Mobile Uganda  brand manager, ” Many moments in life are meant to be captured. TECNO CAMON  20’s advanced portrait and video technologies let users record those emotional motion  moments in sharper detail, while its striking aesthetic design and powerful performance  complete an all-round exceptional user experience.”

As a brand, our customers are our inspiration and we develop everything with our  customers at the center, CAMON 20 series is a true testimony to this. 

The CAMON puzzle design is a reflection of our commitment to satisfying our  customers in all ways. We have not stopped at just upgrading the design of CAMON  series but improved the device in and out, for example we have increased the storage  to 512GB, less charging time of 0% to 100% in just one hour.  

We have also upgraded the camera with a sensor-shift anti-shaking technology and  108MP wide angle camera for better experience and satisfaction when using the device.  Adding icing to the cake, the body of our device is made to withstand tough conditions  like heat, cold, water and scratches and we are calling it the Magic Skin.’’ Concluded  Mr. Timmy 

5000 Times/s Sensor-Shift OIS Anti-shaking Technology for Portrait Video 

In the pursuit of steady portrait video, TECNO has incorporated SLR camera in-body  image stabilization into the CAMON 20 Premier 5G. The devices with 5,000 Times/s  Sensor-Shift OIS Anti-Shaking Technology can compensate for shakes up to 5,000  times per second. As a result, images and video are crisp and vivid, even when taken  while moving at speed. The technology is the most cutting-edge anti-shake solution in  the industry, aiming to popularize the SLR camera anti-shake innovations on  smartphone. Unlike traditional anti-shake solution that compromises image quality, it  preserves every single ray of light without cropping the image. Even in low light, up to  93% of the footage shot can still be achieved. Meet the best anti-shake solution for  portrait video shooting so far that captures all the emotions in motion! 

50MP RGBW Ultra-Sensitive Sensor for Night Portrait 

TECNO’s innovative technology of RGBW has brought very brilliant night portraits on its products. By replacing the “green” array solution in the traditional RGGB color filter with a  “white” one, the RGBW sensor allows more light to be captured. While 1G+6P lens increase the  light intake by replacing one of the plastic lens by a glass one in the process when light reaching  the main sensor. The main sensor on TECNO CAMON 20 Premier 5G is also increased  from 1/1.73 to 1/1.56(the single pixel size from 0.8μm to 1.0μm, with 56.25% larger light sensitive area to ensure images are as close to real-life scenes as possible. With greater light  transmission, TECNO CAMON 20 Premier 5G lets users capture the crystal-clear night portrait  in stunning definition, never losing a detail in the dark. 

Additional amazing features brought by CAMON20 series include: 

  • 108MP Ultra Definition Camera Captures Ultra-wide Horizon Views & 32MP AI Selfie Camera for Ultra Clear Shining Selfie – Besides its 50MP main camera, CAMON 20 Premier 5G’s camera module also comprises a 108MP Ultra Definition  camera, which enables users capture ultra-wide horizons and super macro close-ups all  in stunning detail. The 9-in-1 Adaptive Pixel technology which merges 9 small pixels into  a single 1.92um ultra-large one, improves the light sensitivity by up to 9 times according  to pixel size by using. The 32MP Ultra Clear AI Shining Selfie camera helps users to  elevate their selfie. The series also features TECNO’s AI-powered “Portrait Master”  beauty algorithm, which uses 319-dot face-positioning to generate precise beauty  analytics including culture, skin tone, physical environment and more to develop a personalized beautification plan. Based on TECNO’s Big Data Platform, the technology  empowers users through more inclusive technology. Both the 50MP main and 108MP  wide-angle cameras also support 4K and HDR video, while the rear and front cameras  support dual portrait video.
  • 6.67″ AMOLED True-color Screen with Immersive All-slim Bezel – TECNO CAMON 20 Premier 5G adopts 6.67″ AMOLED true-color screen, supporting full-path cinema grade P3 wide color gamut, its 800000:1 ultra-high contrast ratio makes the light and dark details clearer with brilliant image quality. The color gamut is a wide color gamut standard introduced by the U.S. film industry, covering a larger color area for true  cinema-quality picture color. TECNO CAMON 20 Premier 5G’s 47% narrower bottom  bezel, bringing users immersive borderless full-screen view experience.
  • TüV Rheinland Eye Protection Certification Display at 120Hz Adaptive Refresh Rate – Certified by TuV Rheinland, TECNO CAMON 20 Premier 5G filters out 50% of the blue light to minimize its damage to eyes. The device uses PWM 1920Hz ultra-frequency  dimming to effectively solve screen flicker in low-light scenes and significantly reduce  eye fatigue. Multi-level adjustable refresh rates up to 120Hz could be adaptive to be  tailored to the users’ specific usage scenario. Its high touch sampling rate up to 360Hz  allows for instant and accurate fingertip responses for an enhanced experience. 
  • MediaTek Dimensity 8050 Chip as Fully Upgraded Computational Portrait Photography Engine – Among the industry’s very first batch devices to be armed with MediaTek’s new Dimensity 8050 processor, CAMON 20 Premier 5G brings the chip makers signature power with an advanced 6nm octa-core architecture. With up to 3GHz  CPU frequency, performance smooth and lag-free, whether running day-to-day apps or  large-scale games. In use, TECNO CAMON 20 Premier 5G’s Triathlon Polymer  Graphene Tri-State Heat Dissipation technology keeps the device cool, while the series  offers 8GB+8GB extended RAM and up to 512GB ROM. TECNO CAMON 20 Premier  5G’s 5,000mAh battery gives users plenty of power whether at home, at work or on the  go, and fast charging is perfect for a quick juice boost whenever its needed. 

Pricing & Availability 

TECNO provides two color options namely Dark Welkin and Serenity Blue for its CAMON 20  Premier 5G, and CAMON 20 Pro, and one new color namely Glacier Glow Glass for CAMON  20. All these models will be available across the country as below. 

CAMON 20 Premier 5G-1,800,000UGX (RRP) 

CAMON 20 Pro- 962,000UGX (RRP) 

CAMON 20- 810,000(RRP) 

Tecno Mobile partners with MTN Uganda to launch Camon 20 Series
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