Here’s how you can use your Android phone’s OTG function

OTG function

Some Android devices come with an added OTG function.

OTG, short for, On the Go — is an add-on feature which enables easy navigation on an Android device.

Some Android devices that support this function come with an OTG cable added within the box.

For some Android phones, you will have to purchase one separately.

Most people have no idea what they would need this cable for. Below I go through the most common applications of the OTG function and how it can benefit you.

(Video below shows you how to check USB OTG support for your Android phone)


Connecting Android phone to OTG cable

The OTG cable is easy to use. Just like you would connect a USB cable to your Android phone, the OTG cable is connected in the same way. (Check the video below for more on connecting)


Uses of the OTG function

Charging another device

If you have an OTG enabled device and wish to charge another device, all you need to do is to connect the device you wish to charge to the OTG enabled device and your device will be charged instantly.

The OTG function allows you to charge another OTG enabled device.

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Connecting to an external mouse

If you wish to add a pointing device such as a mouse to your phone, the OTG function will do this for you.

It’s very easy to have this connected.

Just connect your OTG cable to your OTG enabled device and connect your mouse to the OTG cable connected to your device.

This will instantly allow you to use a mouse as a pointing device.

This might be helpful to someone with a cracked screen or a smartphone screen that has become unresponsive.

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Connecting to a flash drive/external storage device

The hustle of having to connect your Android phone to a laptop so as to access a large file on your external hard drive has been fixed.

The OTG function allows you to connect a storage device directly to your phone and access the files there and then.

Large files such as movies can be easily retrieved this way.

All you need to do is connect your OTG cable to your Android phone and connect your flash drive or external storage to the other end of your OTG cable.

All information and files on your external storage will be showing on your smartphone.

Connecting to a secondary keyboard

If you have been using a large keyboard for quite some time and find difficulty using the small screen keyboard of your smartphone device, the OTG function has a fix for you.

Users looking to enter and edit large text documents might find difficulty using the onscreen keyboard of a smartphone.

With the OTG cable connected to your device, you can add an external keyboard on the other end and start typing using the large keyboard you’re used to or that that is easier for you.

Connecting to an external game pad

For the lovers of phone games, the OTG function allows you to connect your game pad to your OTG cable connected to your device. You will then be able to play your smartphone games using your pad.

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Connecting to a printer

The OTG function allows you to print directly from your mobile device.

If you urgently need to print a document on your smartphone storage and can’t seem to find a computer nearby, the OTG cable allows you to connect your phone to your printer and print your documents flawlessly.

The OTG function allows users to do a lot more things with their devices.

The only problem is the small smartphone screen might be unfavorable.

For example, with users playing games, the phone screen would not offer a good gaming experience even with your pad connected, the small screen would not allow you to edit large documents even with your keyboard connected.

The OTG function is there to help you once in a while.


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