Top 5 security and privacy features on iOS 13

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iOS 13 is already available for download and being the next mobile operating system for iPhones, it wouldn’t be justice if we kept silent about some of the cool features coming with the new software.

The focus here is on security and privacy, two key aspects that have become a point of concern to both smartphone users and manufacturers at large. We’ve seen so much of wrongdoings and faults that revolve about the matter and the new iOS tries to find remedies to them.

Here are the top 5 security and privacy features you will find in iOS 13.

Block access to your Bluetooth on iOS 13

If you are the kind that uses your Bluetooth a lot, the worst you would ask for is for apps to track you through it, more so when you could easily avoid it. Various apps will ask for your permission to transmit data over Bluetooth. If you’re not interested, there is an option to turn this off.

Key to note is that this does not stop you from streaming audio over Bluetooth and thus will let you keep tuned in to your BT powered headphones.

No more Location Tracking

How apps access your current location is now fully in your hands. It can be all the time, only when the app is running, or even on a temporary basis – depending on your choice. You can also get the app’s explanation as to why it needs your location details, which can be the basis for your decision.

Like the case of Bluetooth, some apps can trickily track your location over public WiFi networks without asking for permission to do so. This has now been disabled in iOS 13 automatically.

In the case that you want to share your photos with friends and family without them viewing your exact address or location, there is a new added option to remove the location data from the photo before you send it.

Revamped Find My app

The new iOS 13 comes with an equally a new Find My app which helps you keep track of both your friends and your Apple devices, even when they’re not actively connected to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

This is possible over Apple’s new technology that allows for a low-powered Bluetooth signal to be emitted by your lost device. An invisible and unknown, yet secure scouting network is created from all the other Apple devices out there in the wild. If any of these devices detects the lost device, you will be notified on where it is.

Sign in with Apple

Apple wants you to Sign in with Apple on iOS 13. This is a much secure option because it does not pass on any data to third parties without your knowledge. Actually, what Apple does is to create a temporary email address for you, in the case that you will, and allows you to end the service if you start getting unwanted messages.

Silence Unknown callers, keep your contacts private

iOS 13 also allows you to divert calls from unknown numbers straight to voicemail. Additionally, when calls are considered genuine and not spoofed, you’ll see a tick next to the number.

Also, apps that get access to your list of contacts will no longer be able to read the notes field alongside each contact. If you’ve used these fields to record sensitive data, they will no longer be able to view this.

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