Huawei set to change your selfie game with artificial intelligent smartphones

Hauwei nova 3 series

Huawei is currently working on a new series of devices that will give smartphone camera users “the best in technology ‘selfie’ experience that a smartphone can offer”, according to developers.

Huawei is calling this series the ‘Nova 3 series’ and it is being designed for younger consumers who look at a smartphone not only as a part of their lifestyle but also as a representative of their personal style.

The series is designed to offer AI-enhanced lifestyle, which will majorly focus on improved selfie performance that will see a lot of beautification features being added to pictures. Phones in the Nova 3 series will have the dual front camera of both 24MP and 2MP.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of Huawei nova 3 and Huawei 3i series in the UAE. Both these smartphones have unparalleled AI capabilities and exceptional front camera features that capture every detail beyond the face in a selfie,” David Wang, UAE Country Manager, Huawei Consumer Business Group, Middle East & Africa was quoted as saying.

“It introduces AI background scene recognition in front camera and has the ability to recognize age, gender and skin tone to capture perfect AI selfies. Pictures, these days, are a self-expression of our confidence, our bravery and our passion, which we are sure to boost with the launch of the new Huawei nova 3 series in the UAE.”

What it means to have AI smartphone cameras

AI is simply a genre in computer science which examines if we can teach computers to think and learn from humans. For a while now, smartphone manufacturers have been looking for ways to include AI in their devices to offer improved performance. In smartphone cameras like the Nova 3 series, these AI enhancements will create selfies that will be capturing both the face and the surroundings, have automatic red-eye removal and perfectly clear backgrounds.

To a smartphone user, think of this as having Photoshop being made more accessible to you. AI makes professional looking effects more accessible to smartphone users.

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The AI features will also enable scene recognition with over 200 different scenarios across eight unique categories that include blue skies, beaches, plants, night, stage performances, flowers, rooms, and snow.

Hence, the AI-powered phones will recognize the background and capture every detail to create an enhanced shot that offers color optimization features.

The AI beautification features will offer seven skin tones and textures for users to choose from and customize their selfies to create their own definition of beauty.

Huawei has globally led the AI-powered smartphone category and other device manufacturers have continuously adopted a few AI features in their devices such as LG’s V30S ThinQ, the iPhone 8 plus, and others.

AI features improve performance and user experience and with time we will have incredible algorithms that even take charge of the entire editing process and allow you time to take as many photographs as you want. AI will also improve performance of professional photographers.


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