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How Huawei ensures product security with ICSL

In an era where cyber threats continue to pose significant risks worldwide, Huawei, a leading ICT infrastructure provider, emphasizes its unwavering dedication to cyber security and privacy protection. 

In an open letter to all Huawei employees, the company reaffirmed its commitment to building trustworthiness and quality into every product and solution it develops. 

By establishing the Independent Cyber Security Lab (ICSL) and implementing an end-to-end cyber security framework, Huawei aims to enhance product security, mitigate risks, and promote cooperation among stakeholders in the digital space.

Building Trust through Independent Evaluation

Huawei places great importance on product security, and the creation of the Independent Cyber Security Lab (ICSL) stands as a crucial milestone in its commitment to this domain. To ensure the integrity and credibility of its offerings, Huawei mandates that all products and versions undergo rigorous testing and evaluation by the ICSL. 

Following the ISO/IEC 17025 standards, the ICSL guarantees that security testing results remain independent, objective, and impartial, making it the trusted gatekeeper of Huawei products and solutions.

The ICSL’s adherence to the standards is a testament to Huawei’s unwavering commitment to full compliance with industry best practices. By maintaining this certification, Huawei ensures that its product evaluation processes align with international benchmarks. 

This dedication to meeting rigorous standards underlines the company’s focus on building capabilities within the organization and implementing robust IT systems to ensure the utmost quality.

A Holistic Approach to Cyber Security

Huawei firmly believes that enhancing product security is paramount to mitigating the prevalence of cyber security incidents worldwide. To achieve this, the company integrates security management into its product development process, making cyber security an intrinsic capability of its offerings. 

By establishing a Baseline of common product security requirements, Huawei ensures that all its products meet fundamental security criteria. Continuously updating the Baseline ensures that the security quality of Huawei’s products consistently improves.

End-to-End Cyber Security Framework

Huawei’s comprehensive cyber security framework incorporates the Baseline into its product development process, making it an essential security requirement. 

Strict implementation of the Baseline, along with various quality assurance activities, guarantees the security quality of Huawei’s products while preventing security incidents. This approach allows Huawei to provide secure, reliable, and high-quality ICT infrastructure, with cyber security as its utmost priority.

Collaboration for a Secure Digital Future

In today’s digital landscape, cyber security necessitates enhanced cooperation among all stakeholders. Governments, regulators, industry organizations, communication service providers, technology providers, and digital service providers all share the collective responsibility of addressing cyber threats and elevating cyber security levels. 

Huawei recognizes the importance of collaboration and welcomes engagement with operators, enterprises, supply chain partners, and government regulators to foster discussions on security management, engineering specifications, and testing solutions. 

Through ongoing dialogue, Huawei continuously optimizes its Baseline and promotes cyber security across the entire supply chain.


Huawei’s resolute commitment to cyber security and privacy protection underscores its determination to provide trustworthy and high-quality ICT infrastructure solutions. 

With the establishment of the Independent Cyber Security Lab and the implementation of an end-to-end cyber security framework, Huawei sets a precedent for product security evaluation and collaboration in the digital space. 

By continuously improving its Baseline and engaging with stakeholders, Huawei solidifies its reputation as a leading provider of secure and reliable technology, safeguarding the digital future for all.

This article is by the Huawei Uganda CSPO Mr. Kevin.

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How Huawei ensures product security with ICSL
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