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Golola Moses Teams Up with My Doctor for a Healthier Uganda

In an exciting development, Uganda’s own kickboxing champion, Golola Moses, has partnered with the country’s top telemedicine service provider, My Doctor. The aim of this extraordinary alliance is to bring quality healthcare to the doorsteps of Ugandans, specifically focusing on reaching and supporting traditionally underserved communities.

With an ambitious target of impacting over 100,000 users, this partnership plans to leverage the widespread popularity of Golola Moses to extend its healthcare services far and wide. One significant goal of the initiative is to focus on women’s health, seeking to empower women with the knowledge and tools necessary to improve their health outcomes, thus leading to more resilient communities.

“As a kickboxer, I know the value of a good defense. With My Doctor, we’re building a powerful defense against disease for the people of Uganda. We’re not just treating symptoms; we’re changing lives. This partnership is about ensuring every Ugandan has the chance to live a healthier, happier life.” Noted Golola Moses.

The partnership promises a much-needed push to maternal and child health services. With My Doctor’s comprehensive antenatal, pediatric, labor, and safe childbirth programs at the helm, the collaboration with Golola Moses is expected to significantly improve the reach and efficacy of these critical services.

Furthermore, the partnership aims to create a sustainable framework for future healthcare education and training for healthcare providers. By investing in the upskilling and knowledge enhancement of healthcare providers, My Doctor and Golola Moses are looking to build a healthier and stronger Uganda.

“This unique partnership with Golola Moses marks a significant step towards a more equitable and efficient healthcare landscape in Uganda. Utilizing the appeal and reach of a beloved icon like Golola Moses to improve healthcare is both inventive and heartening, ushering in a fresh era in our healthcare story,” said Sharon Nambozo from My Doctor.

Overall, this partnership is expected to contribute to the long-term economic development of Uganda. By reducing healthcare costs and improving the general health of the population, the alliance will lead to increased workforce productivity, in turn driving national prosperity.

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Golola Moses Teams Up with My Doctor for a Healthier Uganda
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